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Auto soap dispenser ST-1008

Prices : 1.700.000 VNĐ

Auto soap dispenser ST-1008
Auto soap dispenser ST-1008 Auto soap dispenser ST-1008 Auto soap dispenser ST-1008 Auto soap dispenser ST-1008 Auto soap dispenser ST-1008

Automatic soap dispenser Smartech ST-1008

Automatic soap dispenser Smartech ST-1008 uses smart technology, automatically spray detergent solution (hand sanitizer, alcohol, shower gel, ...). When putting your hands into the sensor area, the cleaning solution automatically sprays, no touch impact on the device, is very convenient, and further avoids the risk of bacterial infection in environments where antiseptic: hospital, laboratory, ....

Application: Automatic soap dispenser replaces soap dispenser normal, used for many public toilets, restaurants, hospitals, schools ....

Installation: easily installed on the toilet wall, the installation time is from 5 - 15 minutes ..

Warranty: 12 months - arrive within 24 hours (from receiving information) for the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang

Imported products, required production by Smartech Joint Stock Company, conforming to Vietnamese standards.

Model:Automatic soap dispenser Smartech ST-1008

Voltage: DC 6V - 8 AA batteries or 220V AC Adapter (Only use 1 of 2 power sources)

Size: L123*W114*H262mm

Optimal spacing: 3cm – 15cm

Color for button:black white


Net weight:758g

Dosing:0.7ml or 1.4 ml (depending on selection mode, 2 spray modes: 1 spray / cycle and 2 sprays/ cycle)

Material:ABS plastic

Installation:wall mounted

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