Smart dustbin ST-30-22R

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Smart dustbin ST-30-22R

Prices : 3.000.000 VNĐ

Smart dustbin ST-30-22R
Smart dustbin ST-30-22R

This product is mainly used for separate waste collection. This product uses the principle of infrared induction to control the automatic opening and closing of the lid. When a human hand or an object enters the induction zone, the trash bin lid will automatically open. After the user puts the waste into the trash bin, the lid will automatically close, and people do not need to touch any part of the trash bin.

The method of opening the cover adopts the opening structure of the upper flip cover. This product has reliable performance, low consumption electrode, easy to use, hygienic and beautiful appearance.

  • Capacity(L)

:30 L(17 L+13L)

  • Main material

:Stainless steel+Plastic

  • Battery

:2*DD size

  • Voltage

:DC 3.0V

  • Standby current


  • Adjustable sensor distance

:From 6cm~30cm

  • Sensor mode lid opening time


  • Keep lid open longer


  • Low power warn


  • Product net weight(Kg)

:3.0 Kg(stainless steel thickness : 0.37mm)

  • Product size(L×W×H cm)


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